Internal Wellness Center
Internal Wellness Center
I   have   been   carrying   many   of   the   Advanced   Naturals   products   since   the   first   day   I   opened   the   Internal Wellness   Center.   These   products   have   proven   to   be   very   effective   for   digestive   and   colon   health.    As   many   of you   may   have   seen   on   several   mainline   TV   commercials   of   late,   the   major   producers   of   yogurts   and   other products   are   now   endorsing   probiotics.    Advanced   Naturals   has   been   a   pioneer   in   this   industry   and   I   fully endorse their products.
Some of the products which can be purchased directly through the Internal Wellness center are:
o High-Potency Probiotic Supplements
o Digestive Enzyme Products, Enzyme Supplements
o Natural Detoxification & Cleansing and Total-Body Targeted Products
   & Supplements
o Dietary Fiber Products, High Fiber Supplements
o High Potency Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements
o Digestive Care Supplements for Children
Colon Hydrotherapy
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