Internal Wellness Center
Internal Wellness Center
Age Management Medicine and Sexual Wellness
Anti-Aging Medicine Sexual Dysfunction in female and male: anorgasmia and erectile dysfunction Gainswave/PShot ThermiVa/Oshot
      Dr. Lowney will be joining Internal Wellness Center in March 2019. In the interim he is accepting patients at the Fall River location.
Other Services offered:
Plant based Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization for men and women. Dr.   Lowney   is   an   expert   in   bio-identical   hormone   balancing   and   is   one   of   the   only   physicians   in Massachusetts   offering   transdermal   pellet   therapy,   a   more   convenient   way   to   replace   hormones to   perimenapausal   and   postmenapausal   woman   having   completed   extensive   training   with      world famous   Dr.   Neal   Rouzier.   Dr.   Lowney   has   over   25   years   of   Clinical   Experience      and   is   Board certified in Obstetrics,Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Mark Lowney