Internal Wellness Center
Internal Wellness Center
A word about Violet products
I   have   searched   a   long   time   for   a   series   of   skin   and   other   products   that   are   are   fresh,   all natural and all hand made from the finest ingredients.
Using   ancient   Eastern   European   recipes   and   a   lot   of   experience,   Violet   produces   fresh creams,   toners,   oils,   cleansers,   and   masks   that   are   not   harmful   to   you   or   the   environment and show proven results.
No parabens or other chemical preservatives are used in their products.
Violet   started   making   her   own   products   in   her   native   Armenia,   based   on   ancient   recipes   of Eastern   Europe.   She   soon   became   the   country's   leading   educator   in   the   field   of   aesthetics and beauty.
Violet    holds    an    advanced    degree    in    biochemistry    from    Armenia    and    an    International Diploma   in   Cosmetology   and   Aesthetics   and   has   37   years   experience   owning   and   operating her own spas in Armenia, Moscow, and since 2004, in Brookline MA.
Item can be ordered directly from Violet on their website by clicking on the photo below. Remember to include "wellness" as a the code to get a
5% discount
Colon Hydrotherapy
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