Special!! Free Consultation with package of 4 Sessions @ $85.00 per session


Initial Session with Consultation ...reg rate.. $125  - current special $110
Return Therapy Session………………..reg rate..  $100 – current special $95
Series of 4 Sessions or more…..…… reg rate…  $90 each - current special $85 each

Intake Procedure:

1. Click on the PDF forms to the left Please print, complete all forms, scan and e-mail to: intake@internalwellnessctr.com.

2. You can also print, complete all forms and fax to:

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Colon Hydrotherapy in a relaxed spa setting

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Prior to your session.  Please fast for 2—2 1/2 hours prior to your session.

After Colon Irrigation.

During the colonic session electrolytes are lost in the same manner as when one exerts oneself during exercise for various athletic activities and should be replaced. 

It is important to follow the following recommendations for optimal results after colonic session.

1.) Drink plenty of liquids - distilled water, juices herbal teas and most importantly electrolyte liquid.  We suggest recharge, smart water or electro-mix by Alacer (makers of Emer’gen-C) We feel these are preferable over Gatorade, which contains food additives and high quantities of sugar.

2.) Replace intestinal flora - with friendly bacterium also known as probiotics such as acidophilus/bifidus combinations.

3.) Eat puréed foods for 24 hours after the procedure.  Blended soups are especially good.

4.) Avoid eating raw vegetables for two to three days, because they can cause cramping, steamed vegetables are okay.

Raw fruit is fine however, be sure to chew thoroughly and do not combine any types of fruits such as apples and oranges as they are digested at different rates.

We suggest incorporating olive oil flaxseed oil or other cold pressed oils into your daily diet.  They can be blended into foods sprinkled on salads or taken orally by tablespoon.

Our Center has been designed to provide a quiet and comfortable setting while maintaining your privacy. 

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