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Liz Marcano-Pucillo is certified by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists.

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Internal Wellness Center offers the very best in lower bowel cleansing (commonly referred as high colonics or colon irrigation). The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes. The client inserts the sterile, disposable rectal nozzle him/herself and purified water is instilled into the lower bowel. A certified colon hydrotherapist guides you through the procedure without compromising your privacy and dignity. The finest hygienic and ergonomic equipment is used, facilitating total sanitation and efficiency. This procedure consists of a gentle and thorough colon cleansing in a relaxed, comfortable environment, complete with soothing music, cascading water and aroma therapy.


Why Colon Hydrotherapy:


Colon hydrotherapy (sometimes called a colonic) is a cleansing process of the large intestine (colon) using purified water.  We use the FDA approved Angel of WaterTM Colon Hydrotherapy System, which is the most advanced system in the world for lower bowel cleansing. The system allows for the ultimate in client comfort, sanitation, privacy, and dignity.


Colon hydrotherapy is also an effective and more pleasant way to prepare for colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies, barium enemas, surgery and other procedures. Many people avoid potentially lifesaving colonoscopies because of the prep involved. And others—who finally muster up the courage—say that the prep was by far, the worst part of the entire procedure. And now with the FDA giving health warnings about using phospho-soda, it is vital to have an alternative.


During the colon hydrotherapy session, which typically lasts 35-40 minutes, the client reclines on the padded back rest portion of the Angel of Water® system. The lower body is comfortably positioned over the bidet-type basin. The client inserts the sterile, disposable rectal nozzle him/herself, and purified water is instilled into the lower bowel. The flow of water initiates the elimination of waste through natural peristalsis.


During a session on an Angel of Water® system, the client has complete control of the flow of water into the colon. The contents of the colon are evacuated in a simple, hygienic way, while the client stays comfortably reclined at all times. We observe the FDA’s recommended protocol and schedule for colonics when used to cleanse the colon in preparation for medical procedures.

Colon Hydrotherapy in a relaxed spa setting

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