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Internal Wellness Center
Tobi   Daigle,   RN   is   a   highly   specialized   Cosmetic   Registered Nurse   Injector,   who   has   well   over   a   decade   of   experience   in   the medical   field.   Tobi   recently   realized   her   dream   in   2011   and… became    the    founder    and    president    of    her    own    Medical Aesthetic   Co.,   Ur   Skin   RN.   Tobi   has   proven   her   expertise   as   the ”natural   look   nurse   injector”   with   her   vast   aesthetic   knowledge of    available    treatments    and    skincare.    While    working    in    the nursing   and   dental   field,   she   gained   extensive   knowledge   in the    use    of:    fillers,    (i.e.    Juvederm)    injectables,    (Botox    )    and lasers    at    the    Aesthetic    Institute    of    Massachusetts.    Tobi    is always     looking     for     the     latest     and     greatest     non-invasive procedures,   with   as   little   downtime   as   possible   for   her   clients. Tobi   works   under   the   direction   of   Dr.   Richard   A.   Peinert,   M.D,   a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Lynnfield, MA. Tobi’s passion for    the    art    of    aesthetic    nursing    has    driven    her    desire    to continue    her    education    and    increase    her    field    of    expertise further.    She   works   very   hard   to   make   sure   that   each   client’s goals   are   understood   and   achieved   with   great   success.   Come in and enjoy beautiful skin!
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Tobi Daigle, RN
Medical Aesthetics
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