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Aubrey is a Clinical Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and owner of Living Balance in Massachusetts. She is an avid speaker and has an up-coming book “The Pantry Make- Over.” She has been involved in the health and wellness field for over 15 years. Living Balance Wellness focuses on establishing a foundation of health in the body in order to allow a natural state of well being to flourish. If you have a specific health concern, would like to improve your energy and vitality, or are interested in a healthy lifestyle in general, Living Balance can help. Metabolic Typing Hair Mineral Analysis Gastro-Intestinal Health Adrenal Stress Test Nutritional Response Testing Emotional Freedom Technique  
Aubrey Thompson M.S., FDN, CMTA
Dr. Patricia Hopkins, MD
Dr. Patricia Hopkns has been practicing medicine for 30 years. Using a Functional Medicine based approach,                           our highly skilled clinicians work to identify the root cause of your illness. Comprehensive Care Hopkins Medical Group provides Internal Medicine and Rheumatology care. We can serve as your Primary Care provider as well as diagnose and manage autoimmune or rheumatologic disease. Innovative Testing & Treatment Our physician-led, innovative functional medicine testing provides a science-based roadmap to guide our interventions and helps to identify the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Gen Well 360 While a Functional Medicine approach underlies Primary Care and Rheumatology services, we refer patients who would benefit from a "deeper dive" to our Genius of Wellness Program (GenWell).