Internal Wellness Center
Colon Hydrotherapy
A centuries old practice reborn: The   process   of   using   colon   hydrotherapy   has   spanned   at   least   a   few   thousand   years   of   recorded   history.    An   early   papyrus   text   known   as   the   Eber Papyrus, records colon irrigation around 1500 B.C. Any process that survives that length of time clearly has something to offer. The benefits: Due   to   colon   irrigation's   overall   effects   nearly   everyone   can   benefit   from   colon   therapy.   The   fast-paced   lifestyle   we   live   in   today   is   tough   on   the   digestive system.   We   are   putting   the   wrong   food   in   the   our   bodies   and   overtaxing   our   pristine   natural   defenses.   It   only   makes   sense   that   any   accumulated   backlog of   over-processed,   hormone   and   pesticide-laden   food   lodged   in   the   digestive   tract   can   eventually   leach   over   to   the   rest   of   the   body's   systems.    Improved hydration   encourages   cleansing   of   the   colon   resulting   in   the   propulsion   of   its   contents.      Colon   hydrotherapy   (sometimes   called   a   colonic)   is   a   cleansing process   of   the   large   intestine   (colon)   using   purified   water.    We   use   the   FDA   approved   Angel   of   Waterâ„¢   Colon   Hydrotherapy   System,   which   is   the   most advanced system in the world for lower bowel cleansing. The system allows for the ultimate in client comfort, sanitation, privacy, and dignity. During   the   colon   hydrotherapy   session,   which   typically   lasts   45-60   minutes,   the   client   reclines   on   the   padded   back   rest   portion   of   the   Angel   of   Water® system.   The   lower   body   is   comfortably   positioned   over   the   bidet-type   basin.   The   client   inserts   the   sterile,   disposable   rectal   nozzle   him/herself,   and purified water is instilled into the lower bowel. The flow of water initiates the elimination of waste through natural peristalsis.